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Binary JabberFox-0.4.1.dmg (883k)
Source JabberFox-0.4.1.tar.gz (672k)

Release History

Version 0.4.1 - Released 03/22/2002
  • Localized to Spanish
  • URLs in incoming messages/text are made clickabkle, like in web browser.
  • Roster/UserChat/GroupChat can have transparent backgrounds
  • Roster contacts with only one resource can't be expanded anymore to reduce clutter
  • Added a menu item to show/hide offline roster items
  • GroupChat: added Tab-completion of nick names
  • GroupChat: highlighting possible via color, sound, or speech
  • Support for new "invisible" mode (only works on Jabber servers >= 1.4.2)
  • Various other minor changes
  • Lots of bugs squashed (and probably new ones introduced :-P)

Version 0.4 - Released 11/14/2001
  • Localized to French and German
  • Message In/Out dialogs revamped
  • Added support for styled messages!
  • Preference dialog now is similar to the one in Mail.app/Project Builder
  • EventManager - have it blink when a new message arrives, or bounce the dock icon for each chat message
  • Added tooltips in the roster and some other places
  • Added Dock Menu in favor of the global menu
  • GroupChat join is now handled by a separate dialog
  • In the GroupChat join dialog, the "Add To Favorites" button now is implemented
  • Removed "Add Contact" button from roster and made it a menu command
  • Minimal size of roster reduced so you can save some space
  • Simple "dragging" of roster items now possible (but no "drop" in the roster), useful to insert a JID somewhere
  • As usual, tons of bug fixes and minor enhancements

Version 0.3a - Released 10/15/2001
  • This quick release fixes a bug in 0.3 which caused bad vCards to disconnect your from the server.
  • Enabled the Debug-plugin, so you can now watch the datastreams.

Version 0.3 - Released 10/14/2001
  • Chat windows now show you the presence status and full name of your chat partner
  • Message In windows show the full name of the sender (if available in his vCard)
  • Highlighting of keywords in GroupChat
  • Roster groups and roster items now can be renamed in a Finder like fashion
  • Added connect timeout
  • Added account registration
  • Offline users can be hidden from the roster
  • Auto-login feature
  • Double-clicking a roster item will now open a chat/message dialog
  • Dropped "Invite" part of the chat plugin (it served no real purpose anyway)
  • Added a status item to the menu bar (near the clock/volume menus)
  • Added Text-To-Speech under OS X 10.1 (we get it for free there!)
  • Added Zero-Knowledge-Authentication for secure password transmission
  • Tons and tons of bug fixes and minor enhancments

Version 0.2 - Released 05/21/2001
  • Second public release

Version 0.1 - Released 04/01/2001
  • First public release

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